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Pawfect Garden Art was inspired by my Garden and the nearby Dog Park.

I used to have a beautiful white cat ( B.A.B.E.)  who I adopted 15 yrs ago. He passed away. We were inseparable.

I created  a  ton of art of him and a few of my friends dogs, however never really invested any time going full on with creating more  pet portraits. I was so inundated with my  own furry baby!  

So, here we are today.. I have decided to create a more whimsical flavored series of my past cat, your cat and all the dogs around me.

My garden is so ingrained into my soul watching the flowers blossom and respond to me, it truly is MAGICAL to witness.

So, I have been heavily inspired to create based on there  vibe, their frequency, their essence of LIFE!

I  create custom art of your furry baby!

The sizes are




  Frames are either Black, Walnut, White, and Natural finishes.

Selected to match the color and feel of your finished piece! 

BONUS!! I Also  include a FREE 4x6 Framed Desktop for you to have on your desk or a smaller area in  your space! 

ALL I need is a .jpg of your furry baby and whoever else you want in  the art work  to get started! 

It's that  Simple :-)

You can email it to me anytime! 

I send you a first draft for your approval.

NOTHING gets framed, shipped or delivered without your Approval!

Your satisfaction is my guarantee!

All portraits can be shipped anywhere in North America


I can send you a high resolution that you can have print and framed locally! 

I look forward to creating awesome furry portrait love for  YOU and your furry baby!


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Thank YOU! 



forever b.a.b.e. a send off in the sky.