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WHY am I so passionate about this stuff?

Gylliayn Hospitality Interior Brand Artisan.

Custom Hand Crafted Wood Reserved Signs


Branded with your colors , Logo and any text! 

Solid Wood. Each one is cut to size, hand crafted. 

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Custom Hand Crafted Branded Menus


 black | white or color | stained. 

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Custom Hand Crafted Wood Food Planks


Any size, black | white or color.

 Fully Branded!

Custom Cut Wood or  we USE  your EXISTING! 

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Hand Crafted Branded Tableware


Fully Custom High Volume Themed.| Branded.

Easy to Clean


Bread  | Tea | Tapas Plates

Tea Lights

Wine Glasses

Martini Glasses


Water Carafes

Shot Glasses


..and more!

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Custom Hand Crafted Check Holder


Real wood.

 Secure holder for pen, bill and credit card. 

Both sides branded!

100% Custom!

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Custom Hand Crafted Branded Napkin Dispensers


Any size napkin dispensers fully branded. Using the real-estate space you already have  creating brand advocates! 

Durable , last a long time!

Eye catching!

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Custom Hand Crafted Branded Menu Clipboards


Large Clipboards or MINI for your regular menu, desert , drinks or use as check holder!

Clipboard Brand Advocates!

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Custom Hand Crafted Table Tops


Transforming your existing tables


Brand Advocates! 

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Custom Branded local Relevance Murals


Marrying your Brand with Local Relevance helps the community feel at home while learning about who you are, what you do and why in a  meaningful way!

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Custom Branded Cabinets and Drawers


Great for fashion showrooms, office or anywhere the cabinets and drawers are en eye sore! Let's turn  them into Brand Advocates and Inspiration! 

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Custom Hand Crafted Branded Coasters


Any size for Red Wine bottles to prevent table stains, for wine glasses, vases to keep off the table and for  table ambient  candles at night, flower vases in  the day!


Created For Commercial use.

Last a long time.


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La G Gallery & Shows


Mix Media Art, Custom Portrait Packages incl personalized note cards. Also create personalized products such as  Cups, Saucers , Plates, Wine Glasses, Coasters & More. 

ALL Available for HIGH VOLUME .  

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Guest Gratitude Custom Note Cards



Surprise your guest!

Make them feel at home!

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New York Fashion Week Runway


Fashion is an artistic story. 

My art helps tell it on the run way. 

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Event Back Drop Art


Gylliayn Projection Art to compliment , tell your story & bring awareness to  your brand!

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Wood Custom Murals


Ready to hang!

Custom created for  Hospitality and Private!

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Custom Portraits


Portraits for Wedding Gifts, Pets, Anniversaries , Birthdays, Gratitude , New Born, Valentines, Office Gift ,


and Just Because!

Portraits come with your choice of color combo  backgrounds! 

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Gylliayn Hospitality Brand Artisan