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 Defined as the area bound by Fifth Avenue and First Avenue from 96th to 125th Streets, East Harlem is commonly known as Spanish Harlem, or El Barrio by locals. ... East Harlem was settled in the late 19th century, quickly followed by an influx of Italian immigrants when transit lines connected the neighborhood. 

 History of Harlem. The original settlers of Harlem were the Wecksquaesgek Indians. The Dutch settled there in 1639 and called it Nieuw Haarlem (NewHarlem) after a city in Holland. By 1658, the community consisted of a Dutch Reformed Church at the town center and an inn at the ferry to the Boston Road. 

In 1910, Central Harlem was about 10% black

By 1930, it had reached 70%. 

Starting around the time of the end of World War I,  Harlem became associated with the New Negro movement, and then the artistic outpouring known as the

Harlem Renaissance,

which extended to 

poetry, novels, theater, and the visual arts. 

This is my interpretation inspired by a mural I was commissioned to create for a local coffee shop.

The project completed was a  combination of local relevance art and branded art I created  combined. 

 - food, logo, community, story of business- their "why". 

Some of these art pieces are part of the local relevance part that was included in the completed mural.

Please Enjoy! 



Gylliayn Local & Brand Relevance Mural