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Welcome to fleur de gylliayn


no two are the same, ever!


 Flowers symbolize 

  • happiness 
  • abundance
  • wealth
  • fortune 
  • prosperity
  • hospitality
  • joyfulness
  • beauty
  • purity
  • & good positive vibes. 

The energy that is found in nature is very real. You can tell by the way you feel when you step outside and inhale that fresh air.

As the seasons change, the leaves change color and fall to the ground.

So much abundance in each and every stem, leaf, pedal and soil.

As a child I used to take grass and glue it on to paper  along with dandy-lions making an outdoor scene that resembled  my back yard.

Today, I take real flowers, leaves and place them on wood and canvas.

 Either I have painted the canvas or left as is.

Sealed  with epoxy , high gloss to last!

As  a bonus, I include random quotes sealed .

 I always like to have you close your eyes so your heart can choose!

No two are the same.

They can be custom made to match a flower-

Or, if you have your actual flower, you can give to me for you to keep  its texture and vibrancy sealed!

The pieces I create come ready to hang  on your wall.  

Smaller ones come with extra magnet to give you the option to put on fridge and string for wall - or- as a necklace!

Wholesale is available

Large orders ok   

Custom Gifts!

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