Gylliayn: Fearless professional purposeful detailed artist with meaningful solutions.


I adopted him 15 years ago from the shelter when he was approx. 4 or 5.

That made him approx. 17, 18.  [In human years, that is  87, 88]  when 

he made his transition March 2019.

One day as I was simply calling him " Babe ",  it hit me. 



 It was perfect!

His name has more meaning then just the letters.

 If you look at the last letter " E" accompanied with the full word E-YES.  You have YES! 

So not only is he my Beautiful Angel (w) Blue Eyes.. he  also represents the COURAGE to say "YES!

I have since made a Facebook page 

 that I am building  dedicating  to him.

He has a personal page with several friends, pictures and more. 

However, wanted to start a new page on

what it  means to him to  Chill Out.

The same thing he has taught me to do on a spiritual level whilst learning from him today receiving  nudges in my heart  keeping me in check.

Below is art and shows that I have created and will be creating .

A book is in the near future and much more  fun to share while on our mission to promote B.A.B.E. philosophy  to Chill Out. 


If you would like to purchase any   B.A.B.E. art , badges or gifts below please contact here. 

Please Enjoy! 

To see more PET Art.  Check out 

To see People Art . Check out

G & B



chill out!

gimme five!

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YOU TUBE :Observation Minute by Gylliayn & B.A.B.E. - WORDS & ART OF WISDOM. 


forever b.a.b.e. a send off in the sky.