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gratitude gylliayn portraits


My name is Gylliayn!

It is my honor to meet you!

I like to call my portraits:


You  have  the forever, I have your back on the .."AND Ever! "

I am very much attracted to creating meaningful portraits of loved ones both living and who have passed. 

Both pets and us humans!  

Most of my work is commissioned to give as gifts for: 

  • Wedding
  • Corporate
  • Family


I have Spent  years accepting and opening my self up to be  conduit , keenly attuned steeped into the beauty of  raw emotion.

As a Conduit, I reflect deeply held, secret longings of the heart. 

This is an extremely powerful gift.


Today, I create many portraits that include  complimentary personalized note cards! 

A nice meaningful touch to give with your gift!

I also create mugs, wine glasses, plates and wood murals that hang on the wall!

You can reach out to me anytime to get started and to ask any questions!



Get Quote and send photo(s) !

true gratitude starts here!

Step one!

 FIRST: Send me the photo(s).

[click here to send]

Decide “Who” you want to have painted. Even PETS! – or someone who’s passed on. Can be multiple photos that I put together! A clear photo will make a great painting.


I send  you through email a first draft for you to look at for your approval and to  make any changes before it is framed.  My Art is never framed and delivered without your final approval. 


The personalized note card is created. You are asked to send me what you would like printed inside the card with your personalized  message.


The delivery! 

And years of happy smiling  loved filled warm hearts that is felt the moment they receive your surprise gift! 

Or- the gift can be for you..because you are WORTH IT :-) 

 Can be delivered anywhere in North America.

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