Why gylliayn?

Environment Branding

 In architecture and interior design, branded environments extend the experience of an organization's brand, or distinguishing characteristics as expressed in names, symbols and designs, to the design of interior or exterior physical settings. 

 Gylliayn uses what every human neurologically resonate  with. 


Gylliayn 3D Design

1. Sensatory

 An overall diagnosis 

 vision, touch, and smell .

 An observation .

 In  Gylliayn's case, " A Creative Observation".

 Sensory assessment aims to quantify and describe, in a systematic manner, all human perceptions when confronted with a product or object .

2. Tactile

 (the way interaction with the product feels) 

 ‘People are drawn to tactility because they are seeking something “real”.

 We spend so much of our time in the digital world – something natural brings us closer to reality.’ 

3. Emotional 

 Aesthetically pleasing objects appear to the user to be more effective, by virtue of their sensual appeal.

This is due to the affinity the user feels for an object that appeals to them, due to the formation of an emotional connection with the object.  

Emotional design:  visceral, behavioral and reflective level. 

   The importance of creating fun and pleasurable products instead of dull and dreary ones. 

Gylliayn helps a  product  evoke an emotion when the user is interacting with the product. 

Human-centred opportunities.

 People can more easily relate to a product, a service, a system, or an experience when they are able to connect with it at a personal level .


A Touchpoint  is  an influential action initiated by a communication, a human contact or a physical or sensory interaction. 

Each touchpoint is a message that literally "touches" a customer in some way. 

Collectively, touchpoints create the customer's experience. 


brings awareness to A BRAND Story by  using touch points and these 3 senses.  

Sensatory | Tactile | Emotional .  

Bridging  the gap  between you, your story, your community ( Local Relevance ) and your why. 

She is very heart centered  and intuitive interior brand artisan who  has an eye for  seeing creative  possibilities.

 Maya Angelou — 'I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.' 

Gylliayn  ( aka "G" ) 

Hospitality  Brand  Artisan


The Other Side of Touch Points! 

the other side of touch points! exclusive gylliayn interior brand artisan.

what is Design ROI?

“Money buys, but emotions sell.”

How to maximize the Return on YOUR Investment in Your  Hospitality Design!

  •  Companies that enhance the customer experience at EVERY touch point, are using design to enable product and service innovation.

  • Gylliayns Designs are being used to increase customer satisfaction and develop communities of customers .
  • Brand perception, loyalty and familiarity are affected by her design.



-The International Council  Societies of Industrial Design

Gylliayn Definition of Design:

  • Design as a competence
  • Design as a process
  • Design as a service
  • Design as an outcome

 Gylliayn Design can be MEASURED and PRACTICED at three levels:

  1. Sensatory
  2. Tactile
  3. Emotional 

  • Design is considered to play a role  in enhancing competitiveness.
  • Most companies STILL view design narrowly as compromising product design or visual appearance enhancement.

The understanding of design as a Comprehensive Function with Benefits for Business has not yet completely taken hold , but is quickly  catching on!

  • Design must be applied strategically and continuously in order to have a favorable effect on sales. 

Gylliayn Design is functionally and experimentally innovative  to enhance your  financial performance. 

No Design vs Design, that is Design Roi Question!

Measuring your Design ROI

Your Design ROI can be Measured by the BENEFITS of Design related to :

  3. SPACE
  4. BRAND

The four produce certain BENEFITS IN  operative strategic and tactile levels. 

  • When we DEFINE the Benefits you are looking for and the design activities that will be used, we then can define what is to measured. 
  • The objects of the design are the Tools.
  • The Benefits of the design will function as the targets.
  • Metrics can be met by tracking the number of IMPRESSIONS of targets and impacts on cash flow.

Brand Strengthening





Increased Process Efficiently

Shorter Time to Market


User Satisfaction



Life Cycle Optimization


Material Choices


Gylliayn Design strategically creates  on the benefits from  :

Sensatory | Tactile | Emotional 

The BENEFITS from these three qualitative implemented and designed can be measured quantitative and financial. 

Increased in Customer Satisfaction leads to Greater Cash Flow!

Qualitative > Quantitative > Financial 

 Design is seen as an investment. 

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The Touchy Feely Version!

I became very interested in the way  people react to certain things becoming enlightened .  

Creative Observation. 

People are emotional beings looking  for THINGS they can relate too.

 I have learned you have to go ALL IN for what you believe or it won't matter to yourself or to those around you.

People remember how you made them FEEL.  But First that FEELING has to come from you, your environment ,  brand culture everything that is in and around YOU in order for it to be TRUE.

By using your real estate space you already have going beyond your four walls  as marketing touch points increases the emotional connections to your guest and brand awareness  thus maintaining your loyal guest and INSPIRING new ones!

People are INSPIRED by EMOTION from the slightest DETAIL!

They feel and SENSE SAFETY, SECURITY and most of all , they feel and SENSE you CARE and RESPECT YOURSELF enough to CARE AND RESPECT  THEM!

 I have Studied  for years  getting beneath  what is seen ON the surface.

 The vibrations we sense.  The vibrations that we are drawn too. 

And Why.

Colors,  People, Places, Things, Objects, Texture, Location, Smells, Music and more,  you name it...

Everything Counts! 

 This  has allowed me to  observe  environments without being influenced by media , fads or trends.

My 3 DIMENSIONAL  Marketing - Sensatory | Tactile | Emotional  bring  touch points  alive creating your custom Brand Advocates .  

I bring Tactile Touch Points  to life  creating and INTEGRATING a  branded environment they can sense, feel and touch! 

 I know you care about the way YOUR GUEST FEEL when  the enter and  long after they have left.

Just  like going  INTO someones home for THE  VERY FIRST TIME!  

The way they feel when they enter,  what resonated with them ,  intrigued them and to feel safe enough TO stay creating memorable moments!

 They will want to come back  again and again  telling  ALL their Friends what an awesome experience they had !

We are all connected and desire to live a long loving meaningful life in a community that is connected  and cares.


Guest Desire Emotional Connections! 

 No matter where or for how long .

 If  you are ready to get started, I would love to consult with you at your convenience!  

Gylliayn ( g ) 



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Gylliayn Hospitality Brand Artisan

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I am inspired by the 1920's, 30's and 40's. Kind of an old soul, I guess! 


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