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Environment Branding

 In architecture and interior design, branded environments extend the experience of an organization's brand, or distinguishing characteristics as expressed in names, symbols and designs, to the design of interior or exterior physical settings. 

 Gylliayn uses what every human neurologically resonate  with. 


Gylliayn 3D Design

1. Sensatory

 An overall diagnosis 

 vision, touch, and smell .

 An observation .

 In  Gylliayn's case, " A Creative Observation".

 Sensory assessment aims to quantify and describe, in a systematic manner, all human perceptions when confronted with a product or object .

2. Tactile

 (the way interaction with the product feels) 

 ‘People are drawn to tactility because they are seeking something “real”.

 We spend so much of our time in the digital world – something natural brings us closer to reality.’ 

3. Emotional 

 Aesthetically pleasing objects appear to the user to be more effective, by virtue of their sensual appeal.

This is due to the affinity the user feels for an object that appeals to them, due to the formation of an emotional connection with the object.  

Emotional design:  visceral, behavioral and reflective level. 

   The importance of creating fun and pleasurable products instead of dull and dreary ones. 

Gylliayn helps a  product  evoke an emotion when the user is interacting with the product. 

Human-centred opportunities.

 People can more easily relate to a product, a service, a system, or an experience when they are able to connect with it at a personal level .


A Touchpoint  is  an influential action initiated by a communication, a human contact or a physical or sensory interaction. 

Each touchpoint is a message that literally "touches" a customer in some way. 

Collectively, touchpoints create the customer's experience. 


brings awareness to A BRAND Story by  using touch points and these 3 senses.  Sensatory | Tactile | Emotional .  Bridging  the gap  between you, your story, your community ( Local Relevance ) and your why. 

She is very heart centered  and intuitive interior brand artisan who  has an eye for  seeing creative  possibilities.

 Maya Angelou — 'I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.' 

Gylliayn  ( aka "G" ) 

Interior Brand  Artisan


The Other Side of Touch Points! 

the other side of touch points! exclusive gylliayn interior brand artisan.

The Deeper Version!

I became  very interested in NLP-  - NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING about 15 years ago.  Along with Quantum Physics, EBD- Evidence Based Design, Biophilic Design and  Aikido .  Studying  for years  getting beneath  what is seen ON the surface.   Where did the truth go?   Where was the fight for who you are, what you like?  Why are we apologizing all the time?

This  has allowed me to  observe  environments without being influenced .

No one  knows what we really like, they just keep TELLING US -WHAT- to like.  When I am face to face with a  brand I  can  see it's vulnerability.  The media, advertisers can say what they want, dictating to us what to feel, think and buy.  Another cookie cutter , ego driven , fear based, fad driven market.   


When learning your  brands true story,  it's essence ,  its' meaning behind  the ad  through the front end people,   the backstage , it's  CULTURE,   I then use three senses I work with,  my 3D Marketing - Sensatory | Tactile | Emotional  to bring touch points  alive creating your Brand Advocates .  

The  visuals, textures , smells and music all come to life!  My intuition guides me to create a branded environment .    Because Owners care about the way YOU FEEL about  who they are , and  excited to share that leaving YOU  feeling  warm and fuzzy all over.

 Just  like going INTO someones  home


Question: WOULD  you want to STAY?   Why would you want  to ENTER?  What was it about the environment that drew you in  AND  want to come back?    What was familiar ? Safe? 

And, What did I learn / discover that was new? ( Experience ) 

There are Neuro-Linguistic  Language   Properties happening  all around you, inside of you firing signals in  your brain  letting you know if it's cool to stay or not,  does it look familiar ,  safe?   

How does this environment  make you FEEL?

  It all counts!  

Sure a  Facebook ad , Yelp, etc. may have drawn a guest to your location- but  what happens  AT THE LOCATION is where the rubber meets the road.

An opportunity to create  longer  lasting  sustaining  impressions that goes 

deeper in the heart where  

 they will be sure to return again and again ,  tell everyone about the  way they FELT  AND  

in a warm positive  meaningful heart-felt way. 

This life has become so ROBOTIC.  No one looks up when they walk, they look at their cell.

(A smile goes a long way people!)

We are all connected whether  we want to admit or not.  It is  my passion to wake that up in  environments  using the real estate space you already posses.  Your touch points  creating a  feeling of  home,  indulging in a truth  energy in your guest YOUR BRAND has resonated with  or INSPIRED them TO BE. 

 The culture  within and without   ( local relevance ) guest recognize  and  resonate  with  together with YOUR brand. This is the  bridging of  the gap  through Sensatory ( Intuition ) , Tactile  and Emotional. 

All three going deep on a neurological level reaching core values, culture and community.

I am  all about THE FACE TO FACE  leaving the digital marketing platform to the  ones 

that sit behind a computer all day. 

Touching, feeling and being guided by intuition.  

Incorporating this philosophy into  my interior branding  allows for businesses to connect on a deeper level and sustain  for years to come. 

What , at the end of the day , 

we as humans honestly desire in this digital overloaded sphere to live a long loving meaningful life in a community that is connected  and cares.

  No matter where we are from or for how long . 

Gylliayn ( g ) 


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